13 November 2014 г.

A specialized Endowment Fund of FSBEI HVE "KemIFST"

February 27, 2014 by the decision of the Academic Council number 308, it was unanimously decided to establish a special endowment fund of "KemIFST." The fund was established in order to use its revenues to support the development of the Institute, on the basis of voluntary property contributions. Funds can be used for such tasks as the modernization of material and technical basis, funding repairs, support and assistance to students and teachers of KemIFST. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, M. Kirsanov was elected as Director of the Foundation.

Dear alumni, students and staff of the university! If you want to leave your mark in the history of KemIFST, the Specialized Endowment Foundation accepts contributions in any amount (from one hundred rubles) to the following account:

Recipient: Special Fund for the formation of the endowment FSBEI HVE "KemIFST"

Checking account number 40703810205240000003 in JSC "MDM Bank", Kemerovo

Correspondent account number 30101810400000000784 GRKTS STATE BANK OF RUSSIA Kemerovo region, Kemerovo

BIC 043207784

INN 5408117935 / PPC 420502001

BIN 1025400001571

Payment: Target payment

Report on the use of funds before March 31 of each year will be presented on the website of the university. List of donors is also updated monthly on the website of the university.

Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology is grateful to all those who care about its destiny and development.