Educational and Methodical Management Department

    Head of Educational and Methodical Management Department:

    Vladimir Braginsky

  • Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor
  • Office: ауд. 1214
  • Phone: +7(3842) 39-68-79

    Deputy Head of Educational and Methodical Management Department:

    Igor Proskunov

  • Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Docent
  • Office: 1423
  • Phone: +7(3842) 39-67-41

Educational and Methodical Management Department is part of the Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, which aims at a comprehensive methodological support of the educational process, the development of modern educational technologies, generalization of productive experience in the implementation of basic education programs in areas and specialties.

The main objective of the methodological work at the institute is the improvement of the educational process quality.

    Areas of EMMD activity:
  • increasing the competence of the teaching staff for educational and methodological issues;
  • stimulating the release of teaching aids, including stamps of UMO and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  • development of modern educational technologies;
  • introduction of innovative methods and forms of learning in the educational process;
  • information and statistical processing of results and methodological activities of the university;
  • work with Educational and Methodological Associations;
  • implementation of the release plan of educational materials;
  • organization and holding contests for educational and methodical work among the faculty of the university.

The elected body that coordinates educational and methodical, scientific and methodical work of at the university is the scientific and methodological council, which is composed of methodical commission departments and sections.

Certification of 1-3 year students of KemIFST

Order No. 1367 from 12.19.2013 "On the organization of educational activities"