Educational Management Department

    Head of the Educational Management:

    Kushevskaya Raisa

  • Cand.Eng.Sc., Docent of Technology of Meat and Meat Products Department
  • Office: 1209
  • Phone:+7(3842)73-42-16

Educational Management is the main structural unit of the Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, by which the planning, organization and control of the educational process in the university are carried out. The structure of educational management includes the schedules bureau.

Since 1992, the head of educational management is R. Kushevskaya, a graduate of the Faculty of Technology of our Institute.

Under the leadership of R. Kushevskay the educational process at the institute is organized, ranging from class schedules, exams, calculation of the teaching staff, the SJC and HES, training of teaching staff, as well as training and documentation for certification, licensing and accreditation of all specialties and areas of the institute. Since 2006, the educational management organizes the Federal "Internet-exam" in the field of vocational education.

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Educational Management Department

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