Organization and Security Control, Checking Points and Intrabuilding Regime. Operation of equipment

    Lead Engineer:

    Irina Schmal

  • Office: ауд. 1437
  • Local phone: 1-90
  • Phone: 8 (3842) 39-68-90
  • e-mail:

    Lead Engineer on the Equipment Operation:

    Fedor Melnikov

  • Office: ауд. 1315
  • Local phone: 1-00
  • Phone: 8 (3842) 39-68-66

    Main objective:
  • Organization of the required protection, checking points and intrabuilding regime at the facilities of the Institute
  • Operational use and maintenance of security equipment, excluding the unauthorized entry or presence of unauthorized persons to guard facilities


Instruction on checking and intrabuilding mode

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