TEMPUS is one of the programs of the European Union, aimed at promoting the development of higher education systems in the partner countries (non-EU).

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The main aim of the program is the expansion of cooperation in higher education between the European Union and the partner countries in the context of the Lisbon Strategy and the Bologna process.

Russia participated in the TEMPUS program since 1994, but the National Office program TEMPUS, coordinating the program in Russia, opened only in 2004 by a decision of the European Commission on the basis of the Centre for the Study of Professional Education.

Activities of the National Office are aimed at increasing the participation of Russian universities in the program, improving the quality of project proposals, and dissemination of the results of projects in order to implement the priorities of the Russian educational policy in higher education, the integration of the Russian higher education in the European educational space.

Detailed information about the National office, the TEMPUS program and conditions of participation in it you will find on the site