PD "T.E.M.P"


    Detachment commander

    Maria Zimina

    Commissioner of detachment

    Alena Shpanich

    Press secretary of the detachment

    Olga Konopelko

    Responsible for the technical department of the detachment

    Anastasia Komleva

    Christina Kulagina

The main objectives of the detachment:
- improving of abilities and skills of educational work with children of different ages.
- Promotion to the professional, social, cultural, spiritual and physical development of students.
- Realization of creative potential of students in the interest of public formation and development.

Main activities of the detachment:
- Union of youth and teachers engaged in creative teaching activities, the development and implementation of innovative programs into socialization and self-determination of the younger generation.
- Assistance in the organization of extracurricular activities in schools for children and adolescents.
- Assistance to schools, organizations and enterprises in their effort to provide summer camps for children and adolescents.
- Development of original programs for the organization of summer camps for children and youth.
- Provision of facilitating to law enforcement and other government agencies in the social and correctional work with "difficult" children in the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency.
- Promotion in developing of healthy lifestyles, prevention of bad habits of teenagers.

The main activities in which you can participate with us:
- Charity event "Everything to children"
- Training school of counselors
- Rehearsal of student teams
- Gathering of teaching units
- Day of detachment
- Flash mobs
- Charity Events
- Teaching assets
- Site visits to orphanages
- Instruction days
- Conducting career guidance lessons in schools