Student Council of KemIFST


Address: office. 1119 (Student Council), 47 Boulevard Stroiteley, Kemerovo

Regulations on Student Council

Meeting of activists held on Mondays at 18:00 in office 1119



    Konstantin Yakymchuk

  • Postgraduate student (3rd year)

    Deputy Chairman

    Mariya Zimina

  • Postgraduate Student (1 year)


    Anastasia Ozhereleva

  • student (4th year)

Areas of activity

  • Development and support of student initiatives;
  • Training of active students and upbringing of students' leadership;
  • Organization and implementation of measures and actions aimed at the students;
  • Freshmen adaptation to the university life and increasing of their activity in the social life of the institute;
  • Holding and promotion of intellectual games among the students;
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle;
  • Creation of socially active student environment through cooperation and collaboration with other organizations;
  • Development of voluntary blood donation.