Sanatorium "Younost"

    Head doctor:

    Yuriy Gutov

  • Candidate of Engineering Sciences
  • Address: 9 floor, 24 b Voroshilova st. (The hostel №2)
  • Phone: 8(3842)39-60-96

Sanatorium "Younost" is a health-promoting institution' sanatorium designed for the medical and health work for students, faculty members, workers and employees.

Total area is 616 sq. m., area of the medical and treatment rooms is 180 sq. m., the other rooms are designed for extra-mural students.

    The main objectives:
  • Students' and staff' formation of a healthy lifestyle, that is a reasonable combination of study and work, rest and treatment, a balanced diet.
  • Warning and prevention of addictions, drug addicts.
    Sanatorium areas of work:
  • Students' issuance of free food coupons at the option in the refectory or cafe.
  • Specialist services:
    - Dentist;
    - Therapist;
    - Instructor in physical therapy.
  • Treatment:
    - Physiotherapy;
    - Inhalation;
    - Thermotherapy;
    - Hydrotherapy;
    - Treatment room services (injections of various kinds);
    - Massage room (different types of massage),
  • The sanatorium can provide students with the following medications:
    - Vitamins;
    - Medications that increase immunity;
    - Medications aimed at prevention of various diseases.

Medical procedures are prescribed individually by the student or employee sanatorium card!

Opening hours:
from 9.00 to 16.30 - sanatorium "Younost"
from 10.00 to 15.00 – therapist, medical procedures, issuing of medicines and food coupons.