Sociological and Psychological Laboratory

    Head of the Laboratory:

    Elena Panasenko

  • Office: ауд. 1516
  • Local phone: 1-31
  • Phone: 8 (384-2) 39-68-64
  • e-mail:


    Tatiana Emelyanenko - Lead Engineer

The Aim: Sociological and psychological support and assistance in the implementation of personal potential of KemIFST teachers, students and employees.


  • Conducting a sociological survey as an instrument for the study of public opinion, a method for producing a feedback in a chain of teacher - student interaction, allowing identifying the main difficulties and problems of communication.
  • Sociological analysis of the various activities of the Institute, the establishment of feedback between participants in the educational process and the administration.
  • The formation of a database of individual psychological characteristics of participants in the educational process for the subsequent psychocorrectional work.
  • Providing psychological support to teachers, students and employees, through group and individual forms of work.
  • Psychological education through the poster press.