Volunteering students construction brigade "Krasnaya Gvozdika"

Brigade staff

    The commander of brigade

    Roman Kosinskyi

    Commissioner of brigade

    Olga Afanasyeva

    Secretary of brigade

    Jana Logunova

    Responsible for the patronage sector

    Natalia Zhelezniak

    Responsible for Information and technical sector

    Kirill Mikkel

    Responsible for the news sector

    Svetlana Tishkina

    Responsible for the working sector

    Dmitry Ustiugov

    Responsible for the mass cultural sector

    Anastasia Ustyugova

Hymn of VSCB "Krasnaya Gvozdika"

I. Ежегодно приходит к нам лето
С нетерпением ждем мы его,
Чтоб собраться компанией этой
Для чего? Для чего? Для чего?

В ожиданье работы нелегкой
Приезжаем на новый объект,
И раскинем мы вещи по полкам
И устроим шикарный банкет!

Припев: Хотим сказать, хотим сказать-
Мы лучший из отрядов!
Мы будем людям помогать,
Другого нам не надо!

II. Не страшны нам любые преграды
И пускай бежит потолок!
Самой трудной работе мы рады,
Мы умеем держать молоток!

Пусть другим покажется диким,
Что мы сутками можем не спать,
Мы бойцы «Красной Гвоздики»!
Мы научим вас отдыхать!



Information about brigade

"Krasnaya Gvozdika" is a unique by its nature construction team, for today it is the only charity brigade in Kuzbass, which was established in Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology back in 1976. It became the first communist students' construction brigade (ie brigade of unpaid labor) in the Kuzbass, the second behind the Urals. All the money transferred to the Fund of Charity, a fund of solidarity with the struggling people formed by the Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, and to the orphanages of Kemerovo region.

"Krasnaya Gvozdika" lasted until 1987, after which it has stopped its activity for 18 years. In February 2005 in KemIFST, the revival of the famous volunteer student construction team of unpaid labor was accomplished.

Members of group provided free repair works at city objects and region or list all earned, during summer, money for charity: to the fund of Kemerovo boarding school №101, an orphanage in the village Mikhailovskoe of Prokopyevsk region, as well as kindergartens of Krapivino district. And it's not just the formal transfer of money to the beneficiaries, and the personal contribution of workers of the brigade in the lives of children from orphanages. "Krasnaya Gvozdika" meets with orphans, organizes all sorts of holidays during the school year for them, giving presents, trying to bring to life of deprived children a piece of kindness, love, joy and warmth.

In addition to unpaid labor, one of the main activities of "Krasnaya Gvozdika" is the continued cooperation and assistance to orphanages. At the moment the brigade is a patron of boarding school number 100, and the orphanage №105 of Kemerovo. They organize competitions, sports days, greeting concerts, visits to exhibitions and museums for orphans.

During all labor semesters new workers are involving in the ranks of "krasnogvozdichnik", regular meetings of staff are conducted, exploratory work on writing chronicles about brigade, events of creation and maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere are organized.

Good tradition is the annual celebration of the birth of the "Krasnaya Gvozdika" among workers of the brigade of all generations. For example, on the 30th anniversary the members of brigade from various parts of Russia have met.

It is said that nowadays it is impossible to find people willing to work for free. It is not true! There are such people, and they come to the "Krasnaya Gvozdika" to help, what you can not buy at any price that is true friends. To work and know that your work will benefit the children is a strong and incomparable sense of pride for yourself and your comrades! That's what helps to the members of "Krasnaya Gvozdika" in their volunteer activities.