Students Team of Law Enforcement "Bars"

    The commander of STLE

    Vadim Skidan

  • 8-951-171-66-25

    Deputy commander

    Alexey Solovyov

  • 8-953-068-93-08


    Alexandra Komarcheva

  • 8-950-274-72-12

    Chief of Staff

    Nadezhda Silman

    Semyon Politov

    Dmitry Cherginets

    Alexei Adamov

    Anastasia Ilyushkina

    Alexander Kidiekov

Address: 109, 24a Voroshilova str.

Since September 2003, workers of STLE of KemIFST have taken an active part in ensuring public discipline on campus during the cultural, social and political events, ensuring discipline in the dorms, as well as law enforcement on concert programs and parties, conducted at the Institute.
Visitations are held in hostels on campus of KemIFST every day, and the detours to the dorms and campus continue until two a. m. As a result of it, the offense committed on campus intercepted without the involvement of ATS.


Preventive work with the students of the Institute, explanatory conversations, etc also regularly carries out. In order to identify persons illegally residing in dormitories or living on forged documents wo raids in hostels of KemIFST were carried out.

The contract with the Department of Youth and Sports of Kemerovo region for target financing and provision of uniforms was made. An agreement on cooperation with the police department of the Leninsky district in June 2003 was signed. Soldiers of the detachment at the training center №1 of the police department of the Kemerovo region under the "private security guards" were trained. Work is underway to make the members of group freelance police.

Members of STLE "Bars" of KemIFST actively participate in social activities of the university, the city and region. Detachment in full, participated in the campaign "Blood for Life", held within the Week of the donor in Kemerovo, as the members participated in organizing donations for the affected residents of Arkhangelsk, protection measures "Russian Student Spring in Kuzbass."

For their excellent work on the protection of the event "Russian Student Spring in Kuzbass" the detachment of KemIFST "Bars" was awarded a letter of gratitude from the administration of the Kemerovo region.

April 15, 2004 the students' detachment of law enforcement of KemIFST jointly with the Office of Information and Public Relations of the Main Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Internal Affairs of the Leninsky district conducted the action to verify addresses in dormitories institute preventive measures to prevent crime and delinquency among students.

During the inspection 376 rooms were selectively examined. Police officers made up 30 protocols by Article 19.15 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation "Violation of passport and visa". The offense was in the lack of registration, or non-renewal of the latter.

В 2004 г. было создано отделение отряда на базе Среднетехнического факультета КемТИПП, находящегося вне территории студенческого городка. Отделение состоит из 10 человек. Бойцы отделения занимаются обеспечением охраны правопорядка во время проведения культурно-массовых мероприятий в СТФ, а также в общежитии СТФ. Вечерами совершаются обходы по прилегающей территории с целью профилактики правонарушений, выявлению и пресечению преступлений. Обходы проводятся как отдельно бойцами «Барс» СТФ КемТИПП, так и совместно с бойцами основного отряда «Барс» КемТИПП.

С Ленинским РОВД заключен договор о содействии в проведении операции «Колпак» на территории Ленинского района.

Структура отряда «Барс» КемТИПП