Quality Management System Department

    Head of QMSD:

    Irina Mazeeva

  • Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Docent
  • Office: 1419
  • Phone:+7 (3842) 39-68-72
  • e-mail:osmk@kemtipp.ru

    Lead Engineer of QMSD:

    Olga Hrolenok

  • Office: 1419
  • Phone: +7 (3842) 39-68-72
  • e-mail:osmk@kemtipp.ru

    Lead Engineer of QMSD:

    Svetlana Golyand

  • Candidate of Engineering Sciences
  • Office : 1419
  • Phone: +7 (3842) 39-68-72
  • e-mail:osmk@kemtipp.ru

The quality management system department was established in 2004 by the order №131 from 24.06.2004 in order to enhance the efficiency of the institution, its competitiveness as well as to coordinate the implementation, effective functioning and improvement of quality management systems in KemIFST. QMS department is an independent department of the institute and is subjected to the vice-chancellor for academic affairs (Quality Management Representative).

The head of the department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, docent - I. Mazeeva. The staff of QMS includes two lead engineers: S. Garland (Cand. En. Sc.) and O. Hrolenok.

    Objectives of the Department:
  1. The organization, coordination and methodological support of the development, implementation and operation of the QMS Department of KemIFST.
  2. Organization of the planning, design, documentation, implementation and maintenance of the QMS to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Involvement of staff of the Institute in work on the development, implementation and maintenance of QMS of KemIFST.

The main directions of the QMS work area:
- Organization of the development, registration, modification, archiving, distribution and improvement of QMS documents of KemIFST;
- Development of plans, schedules of internal audits, organizing and conducting internal and external audits of KemIFST QMS, record keeping, analysis and generalization of the results of audits;
- The interaction with external consultants and organizations of quality systems certification;
- Planning, documentation and organization of monitoring of the implementation of corrective and preventive actions based on the results of the audit;
- The organization, conduct and control of execution of decisions of the Council on the quality;
- Organization and conduction of periodic audits of KemIFST QMS documents;
- Development of curricula, schedules of training workshops and consultations for employees of the university;
- Training, counseling of employees, special training of institute' staff in the field of quality, providing the guidance to departments of the university in the development of QMS documentation;
- Collection and analysis of information on the quality of educational services;
- Development of KemIFST self-assessment documentation and its subdivisions, the collection of materials and preparation of management reports.

Involvement in the development process of documents of as many of the people is a position of principle, which we follow in the establishment and operation of the QMS of KemIFST. Each employee should know his duties and authority, to understand how the results of his work contribute to achieving the objectives of the entire institution.

Availability at the university of the developed local computer network allows you to quickly and carefully study the documents, make comments, and that is very important to make valuable suggestions.

From 11.26.2013 to 27.11.2013 our institute was held an inspection audit of the QMS in relation to educational services for programs of higher education, secondary vocational education, further education (university entrance preparation, training, retraining workers and specialists in high school) and scientific research activities to meet the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008).

According to audit results FSBEI HVE "KemIFST" was awarded a certificate of compliance certifying that the quality management system, in relation to the provision of educational services in the higher education system meets the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)..