The trade union committee of students


Sofia Maslennikova

  • Chairman

Tatyana Serebrinnikova
Deputy Chairman
  Ekaterina Talitskaya
Darya Berezina
Chairman of EF Union Bureau

Tatyana Kaznacheeva
Chairman of MF Union Bureau

Anastasia Chae
Chairman of TF Union Bureau

Alexander Pasyuk
Chairman of FMT Union Bureau

Kirill Kirjuhin
Acting Chairman
of FMVT Union Bureau,
Chairman of "Culture
and health committee"
  Svetlana Vetrova
Chairman of the "Mass organizational Commission"
Olga Tyanina
Chairman of the "Information Commission"
Christina Korkina
Chairman of the "Housing
and Appliance Commission"
Maria Itskova
Chairman of the "Students' motivation"
  Oleg Shalashov
Chairman of "Public control"
Anastasia Selezneva
Chairman of the "Social Commission"
  Valentin Shukshin
Trade-union activist
Elena Bogdanova
Trade-union activist
  Eugenya Chermyanina
Trade-union activist
Ilya Zubkov
Trade-union activist
  Julia Butorina
Trade-union activist

Application forms

Provides an opportunity to:
  • To participate in public life and student government of institution.
  • To develop your personal and professional qualities.
  • To broaden your interests and capabilities.
  • To participate in the ongoing union holidays, contests.
  • To gain experience and skills so that when you graduate from college you would become competitive specialist!

Primary organization of students brings together more than 3,000 members of the Trade Union of Workers in Public Education and Science, undergraduate and graduate students of the Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology.

An agreement between the administration of the university and the primary trade union organization of students acknowledged as the only legitimate representative of the collective interests of the students of our institute!

What is a trade union?

When coming to the institute, each student can rely on the assistance of the primary organization of students.

Many say that trade union is an organization that helps students and collects payments. Do you think this is the correct definition? I think not really.

"The trade union is a voluntary public association of citizens with common industrial and professional interests by the nature of their work, created in order to represent and protect their social and labor rights and interests" (Article 2, paragraph 1, of the Federal Law №10 "On Trade Unions Rights and Guarantees ").

The purpose of the Trade Union of Workers of Public Education and Science of the Russian Federation (hereinafter trade union), in general, and the primary organization of KemIFST students, in particular, is the representation and protection of labor, social and economic rights and interests of our members.

    To achieve the goal, the trade union organization sets a number of objectives:
  • to protect the right of union members to work (study);
  • to carry out negotiations with a view to concluding an agreement between the administration of the Institute and the primary organization of students, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties to raise and maintain the standard of living of the students;
  • to come up with proposals and demands to the authorities of the city, region, country to improve the lives of students;
  • to participate with other trade union organizations for collective action to protect the rights and interests of students;
  • to carry out negotiations with the administration of the university (the rector, deans, heads of departments of the university) to protect the interests of students;
  • to implement legal protection of union members (for this involve professional lawyers working in the trade unions);
  • to conduct educational work aimed at developing students' active life position and many others.
The structure of the trade union

Every academic group elected trade union organizer, who is the representative of the trade union organization, the link between the students and the trade union committee. All trade union organizers and activists are combined in the Trade Union Bureau of the faculty, which is headed by the chairman of the Union Bureau, there are five trade union organizations of students’ faculties.

Primary organization of students carries out its work in several directions. The special commission headed by the chairman of the commission is responsible for each area of work.
The chairmen of Union Bureau of faculties, chairmen of committees and activists formed a trade union committee (trade union) that is the main working body of the primary organization of students. The head of the trade union committee of the primary organization of students is Poznyakovskaya Tatjana.

    Aims and objectives
  1. The implementation of the statutory tasks of trade unions to represent and protect the rights of students.
  2. Integration of efforts and coordination of union members to achieve common goals and objectives of the trade union organization.
  3. Public control over observance of the university legislative and regulatory acts relating to the benefits and rights of students.
  4. Improvement of the financial situation of students, health promotion and improvement of their living standards.
  5. Information support of trade unions members, as well as much more.
    Primary organization of students carries out its work in several areas, different commissions are responsible for each line of work. In this section you will be able to get acquainted with the work of each of the committees more closely:
  1. Organizational and mass
  2. Informational
  3. Culture and Health
  4. Housing and Household
  5. Social
  6. Public control
  7. Young scientist
  8. Educational and training, scholarship