Board of Trustees

Provision on the Board of Trustees

    The members of the Board of Trustees of FSBEI HVE KemIFST are:
  • His Eminence Aristarchus, Metropolitan of Kemerovo and Prokopyevsk;
  • Valery Ermakov, Head of Kemerovo city
  • Igor Zuga, Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Zybin, General Director of JSC "Barnaul Brewery"
  • Svetlana Babarykina, CEO of Health Maintenance Organization "Siberia"
  • Valery Kostikov, Director of "Managing Company" of SEC "Promenad"
  • Vladimir Skomorokhov, Head of the holding company "Skomoroshka"
  • Mikhail Fedyaev, President of holding "Siberian Business Union"
  • Alexander Prosekov, Rector of FSBEI HVE of "KemIFST"
    The General Meeting of the Board of Trustees was conducted in March 2013 and the following issues were discussed:
  • Assistance in attraction of Russian and foreign experts, organizations and institutions for the joint training of qualified personnel;
  • Integration of educational and scientific processes at the institute with the business;
  • Promotion and development of international scientific, technical and cultural cooperation;
  • Assistance in the organization of students practice, employment of graduates of the Institute;
  • Assistance in implementation of the information, public and exhibition activities, competitions and festivals.