Supplementary Educational Services Department

    Head of Department:

    Svetlana Noskova

  • Office: ауд. 1211
  • Phone: 39-68-97

    The objectives of the department:
  • Сreation and implementation of innovative educational programs of supplementary vocational training;
  • Promotion of the status of food and food processing industry professions;
  • Development and organization of academic mobility programs.

Training of SES programs conducted internally, part-time, remotely using network technologies.

    Upon completion of training, students who have successfully passed the final attestation are issued with state documents:
  • State certificates of advanced training - from 72 to 100 hours;
  • State document of advanced training - 100 hours or more;
  • State diploma of vocational retraining to perform a new type of professional activity - 500 hours or more;
  • Certificate Certificate from 160 to 825 hours.