Student Scientific Society

    Chairman of Student Scientific Society

    Tatiyana Kireyeva

  • office: ауд. 1212
  • tel: +7 (3842) 39-68-45
  • fax: +7 (3842) 39-68-45

Student Scientific Society (SSS) of KemIFST is a structural unit of the institute, bringing together on a voluntary basis KemIFST students, actively involved in research work, as well as students, suggesting their involvement in various types of scientific activity. SSS is a division of the Institute Research sector. The purpose of the SSS is to maintain and preserve the traditions of scientific institutions by attracting talented young people for further research and to improve the quality of knowledge of the graduates, the completion of the scientific staff of the Institute due to talented students.


  • Attraction of young people to science at the earliest stages of their education in KemIFST and their consolidation in this area;
  • Creation of the motivation for research and assistance to students in the mastery of the scientific method, in-depth and creative development of training material;
  • Propaganda among students of different forms of scientific work in accordance with the principle of the unity of theory and practice, the development of interest in fundamental research as the basis for the creation of new knowledge;
  • Parenting a creative approach to their profession through research activities;
  • Teaching students the methods and means of self-solving scientific and technical problems;
  • Create conditions for self-realization of personal creative abilities of students, including:

- Providing conditions for the identification, detection and development of the abilities of the talented students;
- Development of creative initiatives and activity on the basis of mastering the latest knowledge, scientific and technical achievements;
- Promotion of the comprehensive development of the personality, the formation of objective self-esteem, acquire and deepen skills in creative groups, initiation of the organized activities;
- Rational use of free time, a distraction from the unworthy temptations from acquiring bad habits and anti-social aspirations;
- Individualization and intensification of training in compliance with state educational standards.

The functions

  • Development of new areas of research activities for students;
  • Coordination of research activities of KemIFST students;
  • Help to the students in their pursuit of science in the students' adaptation to the scientific life of the Institute;
  • Coordination of SSS of KemIFST activities with the activities of students of scientific communities of other institutes.


Students, leading RWS are combined in students' scientific community headed by an elected chairman and asset SSS, working under the direct supervision who is responsible for the research work of students at the institute.

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