9 January 2014 г.

New possibilities!

Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology became a member of the international association of leading European hotel schools and catering EURHODIP.

KemIFST students along with the diploma of the Russian education will receive a European diploma (management), which will open to the graduates wide opportunities and prospects for self-realization in the future. In addition, for teachers, within the association, are held constant seminars and annual conferences to raise the skill level, between the universities of EURHODIP association academic exchanges are possible.

EURHODIP Association was founded on the basis of the School of hotel business in Koksijde, Belgium, in 1989.

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from 20 countries.

The main activities of the Association are:
- The organization of European examinations in order to obtain the European Diploma (Management);
- The organization of seminars for teachers;
- Organization of an annual conference for the staff of hotel and restaurant business school and representatives of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Furthermore, EURHODIP also engaged in in the following activities:
• Awarding of The Marianne Muller Award (to encourage student innovation activity)
• Participation in mobility programs