3 July 2014 г.

The project of an innovative enterprise LLC NGO "Healthy Nutrition" at KemIFST won an international competition.

an international competition. The project of a small innovative enterprise LLC NGO "Healthy Nutrition", created by the scientists of the Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, won an international competition and has received funding for further research. The consortium, besides NGO "Healthy Nutrition" (Russia), consists of a member-organization from Spain, Technological Center Tecnova www.fundaciontecnova.com.

The topic of the project is "New physiologically adapted to minimally processed tomato hybrid with a high content of lutein". The outcome of the work should be the introduction of modern technologies both in Russia and in the EU.

The amount of funding of the whole project is 400,000 € for 2 years.

The recognition of the project by the European colleagues gives confidence to believe that in the future the results of studies of the Kuzbass innovators will be used not only in Russia, but will overcome our technologies to the European market.