Museum of the Institute History was founded in 1998 on the initiative and under the guidance of the Institute rector Vladimir Yustratov. The first exposition "My institute yesterday, today and tomorrow" was opened in October 2007.

Museum of the History of Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology is a cultural and educational center, specifically collecting, storing and exhibiting objects of material and spiritual culture.

The museum provides cultural and educational work for the formation of students' civil position, professional interests, preserve and continue the traditions of the Institute.

The Museum of the History Institute holds the guided tours for students, pupils, students, staff and guests of the Institute. Every year the museum is visited by about one thousand people.

Historical material is placed on 13 stands and showcases that give full information about the past of the Institute, its leaders and academics, about the history and development of the faculties, about the student construction brigades, about outstanding graduates of KemIFST.

The total area of the museum is 70m², the exhibition occupies 60m², there is storage space for exhibits of 10m², which meets all the requirements of museum work. The total number of items is more than fifteen hundred, museum staff is two people.

The scientific and methodological guidance is provided by the Council of the Museum.

The invaluable assistance to the museum provides active students.

At the Museum of the History of Institute operates Veterans Council. Employees of the museum and active students assist Veterans Council in organizing and holding events.