Material and technical base and equipment

Student hostels

The campus is part of Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, it is structural subdivision.

The Institute posses three of nine-storied large buildings as the hostels. The total living area is 15 162.7 sq.m.

The necessary conditions for the comfortable residing are created in the institute, each room has a separate bathroom. 18 sq.m. rooms are made for 3 or 4 people, 12 sq.m. rooms are designed for 2 people.

Student hostels and academic buildings (№1, №5) are located in the same area.

    The following is available in the hostels:
  • Medical station: treatment room, gynecological office, where the students can receive necessary first aid and there is annually inspection of students,
  • Sanatorium "Younost"
  • The prayer service room.

    Opening hours: from 06.03.2013
    Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 to 20.30,
    Wednesday is followed by watching a movie in conversation with father Alexey at 19.00

    Full-time priest of the parish of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh Church, Komissarovo, Alexey Popov, tel.: 8-904-577-54-40

  • The parents room. This room is made for parents who came to visit their children. The total area of the room is 18 sq. m., it is designed for 2 people, with private bathroom, equipped with TV, fridge, microwave and kitchenware.
  • Deluxe rooms are for living of extra-mural students, students of the Advanced Training Faculty and for other forms of postgraduate and further education.
  • The passport office registers by place of residence and military registration.
    Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8.30-17.00 (lunch 12.00-13.00), Tuesday, Friday: work with documents in the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Leninsky district.
  • Center of Community Relations.
  • Administration of campus is guided by statutory "Regulations on KemIFST campus", "Management of hostels", "Rules of hostel accommodation."

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities designed for students and KemIFST employees are located on the campus territory.

The gym is located in academic building №1, in the building №5 there is gym with various weights of leading firms, dumbbells, barbells of different weights and aerobic equipment. Our equipment is suitable for the athlete, and for fragile girl.

There are also stadium, planar sports equipment, ski-storage.

Public catering in KemIFST

KemIFST refectory is designed for 160 seats, it is 700 sq.m. As part of the refectory there are: confectionery shop, 5 canteens, all set of production facilities according to regulatory standard (hot, cold, meat shops, washing department). Staff consists of 30 people. Workers of refectory undergo a medical examination every six months.

There is a daily quality inspection of food in the refectory. Every three months, microbiological studies in the "Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate" are conducted. Monthly disinfection and deratification of industrial premises are conducted.
Refectory complies with the requirements of labor protection and fire safety.

The fefectory provoides about a hundred of students from the sanatorium "Yonost" with breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons.

•Academic building № 1
- Refectory, cafe, 5 canteens;
• Academic building № 2
- Canteen;
• Academic building № 3
- Canteen;
• Academic building № 4 (Technical school)
- Refectory;
• Academic building № 5
- Canteen.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 9.00-17.30
Sat: 9.00-14.00
Sun: closed

Medical Service

Sanatorium "Younost"

Sanatorium "Younost" is a health-promoting institution' sanatorium designed for the medical and health work among students, faculty members, workers and employees.

Total area is 616 sq. m., 180 sq. m. is for the medical and treatment rooms, the other rooms are designed for extra-mural students.

    The main objectives:
  • Students' and staff' formation of a healthy lifestyle, that is a reasonable combination of study and work, rest and treatment, a balanced diet.
  • Warning and prevention of addictions, drug addicts.
    Sanatorium areas of work:
  • Students' issuance of free food coupons at the option in the refectory or cafe.
  • Specialist services:
    - Dentist,
    - Therapist,
    - Instructor on physical therapy.
  • Treatment:
  • - Physiotherapy;
    - Inhalation;
    - Thermotherapy;
    - Hydrotherapy;
    - Treatment room services (injections of various kinds);
    - Massage room (different types of massage).
  • The sanatorium can provide students with medications:
  • - Vitamins;
    - medications that increase immunity;
    - medications aimed at prevention of various diseases.

    Medical procedures are prescribed individually by the student or employee sanatorium card!

    Head doctor is Gutov Yuri
    Address: 9th floor (Hostel №2), Voroshilova street, 24b
    Phone: 39-60-96
    Opening hours:
    from 9.00 to 16.30 - sanatorium "Younost"
    from 10.00 to 15.00 - visit of a therapist, medical procedures, issuing medicines and food coupons.

    Health center

    KemIFST hostel has health center, where the annual inspection of students is conducted and first aid is provided. There are procedural and gynecological rooms for students.

KemIFST Scientific and Technical Library

KemIFST Scientific and Technical Library was founded in 1972 as an integral part of a comprehensive specialists training.

The total area of the library is 2000 sq.m. Number of seats in the reading rooms is 400, automated working places for users are 56.

The fund of library includes more than 700 thousand copies of printing units on various fields of knowledge. The pride of library is books on the food industry. Written annually about 300 titles of newspapers, magazines and news publications.

Library units are placed in the three academic buildings of the institute. It provides readers with 4 subscriptions and 6 reading halls.

Annually it serves more than 14 thousand of readers.

STL operates in the automated library information system "IRBIS". Currently, all major library processes are automated. Electronic catalog of the library started in 2004.

    Location: Rm. 1101, 1103, 1200, 1202, 1203, 1205, 1206, 1334
  • phone: +7 (384-2) 39-68-85, +7 (384-2) 51-09-22
  • fax: +7 (384-2) 39-68-81
  • e-mail:,
Internet- resources

Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology today created the most favorable conditions for the organization of the educational process and various institute activities with the use of modern information technology tools.

Currently, the institute has 26 computer classrooms. Total number of computers is 602, 504 of which are used in the educational process. 13 classrooms are equipped with multimedia (projectors, plasma panels, computers, document cameras, interactive whiteboards and tablets, sound system, etc..). Speed connection to the Internet is 30 Mbit/s. Educational institution has 27 local networks and 17 Internet- servers. Internet access is provided through 537 terminals.

Center for new information technology is located in 1 building, 1118 room.

Head is Andrey Chebotarev
Tel.: 39-68-36