Faculty of Mechanics


    Anatoly Maytakov

  • Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Department "Metal technology, food processing and refrigeration engineering"
  • office:ауд. 1329
  • tel.: 39-68-80
  • e-mail:may@kemtipp.ru


    Lilia Beryazeva

  • Deputy Dean, Docent of the Department "Metal technology, food processing and refrigeration engineering"
  • office:ауд. 1329
  • tel.: +7(3842)39-68-80
  • e-mail:mf@kemtipp.ru

About the Faculty:

Faculty of Mechanics was formed at the same time with the institute in 1972.

Industrial equipment used in the food industry, is constantly being improved and became more complicated. The technological processes, technical training, proper use of equipment, directly determines the level of product quality, customer satisfaction and the health of consumers. Our graduates successfully design, build and serve equipment for the production and storage of food in the enterprises of the Russian Federation. The career prospects of graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics are not restricted by the food industry. A profound theoretical and practical knowledge of the Faculty of Mechanics' graduates are often used in other high-tech industries: chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry.

Staff of the Faculty has extensive teaching experience and research potential. More than 65% of teachers have academic degrees of candidates and doctors.

    Among the scientific areas that are addressed by the faculty, a special practical importance has the following:
  • Development of new and high-tech mixers of bulk products;
  • Creation of algorithmic and software automation microprocessor devices;
  • Optimization of processes in the elements of refrigeration units;
  • Study of rotary spray apparatus for carrying out processes in heterogeneous gas-liquid systems, and others.

The faculty has a strong material and technical base. Workstations of computer park are integrated into the global Internet network. With its extensive knowledge base, the traditional methods of drawing are increasingly replacing with computer graphics using engineering design software packages. The effectiveness of the learning process is also achieved through the use of various educational and industrial equipment of laboratories and departments of the faculty.