Laboratory of copying equipment


    Marina Kushevskaya

  • Office: 2006, build. No. 2
  • Local Phone: 2-11
  • Phone: (3842)39-09-81
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Laboratory of copying equipment of KemIFST was created in November 2012 through the reorganization the editorial and publishing department.

The main objectives of LCE of KemTIPP are the organization and implementation of the editorial and publishing activities of the university, the publication of training and educational materials that meet the requirements of state educational standards; scientific, reference and other literature in the interests of the educational process and research work, as well as printed materials.

In addition to identifying and coordinating the editorial policy of the university, LCE also performs such technical activities as consulting support to authors on the stage of writing manuscripts and a selection of illustrative material; preparation of manuscripts for publication with the performance of individual elements the editorial and publishing cycle, and all the work as a whole, quality control of the content of the published literature.

Goals and objectives of LCE:
  1. To ensure the timely publication of training, scientific and periodical literature of the Institute;
  2. Correcting, layout and printing of various books.
  3. Development and design layouts and visual material dispenser.
  4. Ensuring blanks units of the Institute.
Staff of LCE:
  1. Marina Kushevskaya - Head
  2. Alena Dyumina - Lead Editor
  3. Galina Yevtushenko - Printermaker
  4. Olga Kalachikova - Bookbinder
  5. Eugene Lopatin - Art Director
  6. Elena Radygina - Printmaker
  7. Tatiana Smerdova - Copy Machine Operator
  8. Yuriy Tulupov - Lead Editor
  9. Elena Shuranova - Lead Editor
Our Services

Services of art editor

Production of layout: Business card
Calendar A3, A4
Brochures, leaflets, cards,
открытки, пригласительные
Invitation license, certificate, diploma
Imposition of literature

Printing services (maximum sheet size 330x488)

Booklets of A4 paper of different density (matte, glossy)
Duplication of brochures (up to 80 pages. Stapling on the bracket)
Production of manuals, magazines, paperback on fusible binder (A4, A5)
Production of hardcover books (A4, A5, black and white printing)

Digital color printing

On paper of different density (A4, A5)

Black and white printing, copying

On paper of different density (A3, A4, A5)

The lamination

32 md. (A3, A4, A5)
75 md. (A3, A4, A5)
125 md. (A3, A4, A5)


Diploma papers
Candidate Dissertations
Doctoral Theses, and so on.

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