Students enrolled on a contract basis

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Contract numbers of students enrolled on a fee basis

Tuition fees for 2013-2014.

Contract with the student

Contract with a legal entity of 3-sides

Contract with an individual of 3-sides

Supplemental Agreement with the student

Supplemental Agreement with a representative

Supplemental Agreement with 3 sides

Bank details

DISCOUNT on the tuition fees for students participating in career-oriented work (order №148 on 04.04.2014)

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for 2014-2015.

Student loan

JSCB "Education"
The terms of lending under the program "Educational loan"
JSCB "Education" (CJSC) considers it a priority to support education in the Russian Federation and developed a program of lending for individuals, "Credit for education."

One of the most attractive conditions for a personal loan for education in our bank is a fixed percentage of 13.5% per annum!

Attention! JSCB "Education" (JSC) offers "Credit Education" at a reduced interest rate for all customers with any applicable fixed deposit in our bank (except deposits "on demand").

Attention! Concerning the conclusion of, renewal of contracts and tuition fees apply to the economic and commercial department (ECHO): rm. 1328a, the main building of KemIFST (47 Boulevard Stroiteley, Kemerovo); phone: 8 (3842) 39-68-34.

The basis for admission to the first year of full-time students are the USE results, distance learning - USE results or entrance examinations; conclusion of a contract for the provision of educational services; tuition fees.

An integral part of the contract is a supplementary agreement on the cost of training in the current semester. Issued for each semester.

Contract for studying with people (applicants, students, parents) and legal (company, organization, enterprise) figures is one for the entire period of study. In case of loss of the original contract will not be restored.

In the case of renewal of the contract (the change of the customer) the beginning of his actions is the date of renewal.

    For renewal of the contract with the physical entity and on the contrary, necessary documents:
  • identity document (passport) of applicant, student and parent;
  • address and payment details of the legal entity.

Procedure of payment for the studying

    Tuition fee is made in a timely manner:
  • Full-time education
    before 01.09 to the fall semester and the spring semester before 01.02;
  • Extramural studies
    before 15.09 to the fall semester and spring semester until 01.02.

If the session is before the deadlines, the payment is made 10 days prior to its start.

When students are not subject to the above conditions, each semester order of dismissal is signed.

    Tuition fee is carried out through the transfer of funds:
  • any bank or "URALSIB" and "MDMBank" with no commission;
  • payment service Uniteller on the official website of the institute. Payments are processed in on-line mode without commission;
  • cash box of Institute in Rm. 1117 previously issuing a credit cash order in Rm.1226 (every day from 13.00 to 17.00)

When you pay by any of these methods, you must specify the student name and his contract number, which can be specified on the institute's Web site, see the Student/Education for a fee/contract number of students enrolled on a fee basis.

Deferred payment for education

is available to students of full-time tuition fees of up to 5 per semester and extramural studies to 3 payments per semester on condition of min initial payment of 30% of the semester.

    Date of the first payment for the current semester is the date of publication of min initial payment (30%) and it should be no later than
  • for the full-time education is 01.09 and 01.02 of Fall semester, Spring semester;
  • for the extramural studies is 15.09 and 01.02 of Fall Semester, Spring Semester.

Date of last payment in the current semester must be no later than 30.11 - Fall semester; 30.04 - spring semester.

If a session starts before the deadline, the payment is made in full 10 days prior to its start.

The application is submitted to the Finance and Economics Department in Rm. 1328a (To present a receipt, a statement on the installments required!)

The procedure for returning the overpaid amount to an individual.

Refund of the excessively paid amounts made by wire transfer to the bank account in any bank, resident of the Russian Federation in the name of the person to whom you will return.

Documents can be brought or mailed to the following address: "The financial and economic department" of FSBEI HVE KemIFST, Rm. 1328a, 47 Boulevard Stroiteley, Kemerovo, 650056.

Phone: (384-2) 39-68-34

How to get social tax deduction

Students enrolled on a contract basis, on the basis of the Tax Code Article 219., are eligible for a tax deduction.

    Approximate list of documents includes:
  • Contract for training (original, copy);
  • License of school, certificate of state accreditation (copies certified by the university);
  • Income statement;
  • The receipt of payment for tuition (original, copy);
  • Passport (original, copy);
  • TIN certificate;
  • Evidence of the RPF;
  • The student's birth certificate (original, copy).

Contact the tax office at the place of residence of the consumer (student) or customer (the parents). In 102, 2 Shestakova str., Kemerovo, 25-49-17.

Как получить социальный налоговый вычет в связи с расходами на образование

Memo to the taxpayer

Social tax deduction for education can obtain taxpayers who during the past year have made the costs of their education in educational institutions, as well as the education of their children under the age of 24 years of full-time education in educational institutions. Also, the guardians (trustees), who have paid for the education of their the wards under the age of 18 full-time education in educational institutions, can benefit this right.

The amount of the deduction is 50,000 rubles. For each child in the total amount of both parents (guardian or trustee).

This provision is valid from January 1, 2008

Warning! The total size of the social deduction (education, treatment and purchase of medicines, the cost of the contract (contracts) of private pension provision and agreement (s) of voluntary pension insurance) shall be in the amount of actual incurred expenses, but in the aggregate no more than 100,000 rubles in the tax period (excluding the cost of education of children of the taxpayer and the cost of expensive treatment).

If a taxpayer in a tax period of training expenses, medical treatment, the costs of agreement(s) of private pension provision and agreement(s) of voluntary pension insurance, the taxpayer, to decide which types of expenses and the reported amounts are taken into account within the specified maximum value of the social tax deduction.

    To obtain a deduction a taxpayer shall provide to the tax office at the place of residence the following documents:
  1. A written application for a social tax deduction.

    A declaration made in an arbitrary manner, it appears to the tax office at the place of residence of the taxpayer at the end of the year in which the expenditure was incurred for training.

    The deduction applies to the income that is taxed at the personal income rate of 13%.

    In respect of income to which other tax rates (9%, 15%, 30% and 35%), this deduction do not apply. Do not have the right to deduct also individuals, registered in the current legislation and conducting business, applying the system of a single tax on imputed income (UTII) and the simplified tax system (STS).

  2. Declaration form can be obtained from the tax office at the place of residence or printed from the official website of the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Kemerovo. In addition, you can "download" sites with the FTS of Russia ( Or the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Moscow ( Program for completing the tax return.

    If the taxpayer has already handed over a declaration for the year, where he made training costs, but do not declare his right to deduct, he may, within the next three years to file the amended tax returns and application for social deduction. For example, in 2009 the taxpayer is entitled to declare their unused right to deduct the costs of the training, made in 2006 - 2008.

    Reference is printed in typewritten on a printer or typewriter. All fields of the reference form 2-PIT are necessary (including OKATO). Corrections in the reference are not allowed.

  3. Copy of Learning Agreement

    To obtain a deduction for education of the child or ward in the contract must be specified internal form of training, as well as tuition fees. The amount of the expenses specified in the payment documents must correspond to the amount specified in the contract. In case of increase of tuition fees in the period for which the taxpayer has declared social tax deduction, you must additionally provide proof of this increase, indicating a specific amount. Such document may provide: additional agreement to the protocol of the meeting of the teaching staff to increase tariffs on tuition and other documents.

  4. A copy of the license for the provision of an educational institution of appropriate educational services (if there are no details in the contract of the license).

    Social tax deduction can be provided when the taxpayer tuition at secondary schools, colleges, academies, universities, refresher courses (both in high school and acting on their own), various courses of additional education (foreign language courses, computer courses, and so on. n.). Nurseries, kindergartens, music, art and sports schools are also included in the above list.

    Should take into account that the institution must be licensed for a specific activity or other equivalent document confirming the status of educational institutions. The taxpayer is entitled to a social tax deduction for training, regardless of the location of the school.

    Get a tax deduction is possible while studying at the university, which has no state accreditation. The ownership of educational institutions does not matter also: the taxpayer can get a deduction for training, resulting in both the public and commercial institution.

    The deduction is available for a period of study at an educational institution, as well as for the period in which the taxpayer or their child or ward was on academic leave, which has an established procedure in the learning process.

    Educational activities in the form of single lectures, internships, seminars and other types of education, not accompanied by final certification and issuance of certificates of education and (or) qualifications;
  5. Self-employed educational activities, including in the field of vocational training.
  6. If the taxpayer receives such education the deduction is not entitled to him.

  7. Payment documents confirming the payment of tuition fees.

    A taxpayer may receive the deduction only if he pays a fee (cash or cashless) for training. The fact of the payment is confirmed by payment documents: check of the cash register, bank payment documents.

    Payment documents must be issued in the name of the taxpayer applying for the deduction. In the case of the receipt issued on the student's child, the appropriate application of the taxpayer, parent (guardian) indicated that they were instructed to make their own child issued by the parent (guardian) funds for tuition fees in accordance with the agreement concluded with the parent institution (guardian).

  8. A copy of the birth certificate of the taxpayer.

    The taxpayer claiming a deduction in connection with the training of his child represents a copy of his birth; training of the ward the additional copy of the order for the appointment of guardians (curatorship).

    In accordance with para. 7, art. 78 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the request for the refund of overpaid tax may be filed within three years from the date of payment of the specified amount (tax). The amount of tax to be refunded to the taxpayer by the declaration, returns on the basis of the taxpayer's application within one month of the date of receipt of such declaration by the tax authority. The tax amount is transferred to the bank account of the taxpayer.