KemIFST was awarded "Federal innovation platform" status

June 23, 2014 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation signed a decree № 780 which approved the list of federal innovation platforms in the direction of "the introduction of elements of the dual training in the educational process."

Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology is the only institution representing Kuzbass, entered the list of 59 federal innovative platforms in this area.

Dual system of vocational education is recognized worldwide as the most common and recognized form of training that combines theoretical training in school and job training in the company, which is part of the formation and functioning of the innovation infrastructure in the education system of the Kemerovo region.

    Order of the Ministry of Education of Russia № 611 from July 23, 2013 determined the innovative activities of the federal courts:
    • Development, testing and implementation of:
    • New elements of the educational content and education systems, new educational technologies, teaching and training and laboratory facilities, forms, methods and means of training in organizations engaged in educational activities, including the use of resources of the private sector;
    • Basic exemplary educational programs, innovative educational programs, programs for the development of educational institutions, working in difficult social circumstances;
    • New profiles (specializations) preparation in the field of vocational training, ensuring the formation of human and scientific potential in line with the focus on social and economic development of the Russian Federation;
    • Methods of training, retraining and (or) advanced training of personnel, including educational, scientific and teaching staff and educational administrators, through the application of modern educational technologies;
    • New mechanisms, forms and methods of education at different levels, including the use of modern technology;
    • New institutions of public participation in the management of education;
    • New mechanisms of self-regulation activities of associations of educational institutions and educators, as well as the networking of educational institutions;
  1. another innovation in education, aimed at improving the educational and methodical, scientific, pedagogical, organizational, legal, economic and financial, human, material and technical support of the education system.