Anticorruption activity of KemIFST

The documents

Federal Law "On Combating Corruption"

Articles of the Criminal Code of the RF

Law of KR from 08.05.2007 № 57-OZ "On Combating Corruption"

Presidential Decree of 21.07.2010 № 925 "On measures for implementation of certain provisions of the Federal Law On Combating Corruption"

The Federal Law of 08.03.2006 № 40-FZ "On ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption"

Order from 19.06.2013 № 239 "On the establishment of a commission to combat corruption"

Corruption in the universities of the Kemerovo region

Russian news agency "FederalPress" on May 28, 2013 "Teacher of Agricultural Institute was caught taking a bribe"
The newspaper "Kuzbass" on June 19, 2013, "Deputy Dean of the Law Faculty was caught taking a bribe"
Kemerovo newspaper "In the Kuzbass the teacher was fined for bribery"
КKemerovo student was fined 45 thousand rubles for bribery
Ex-director of the college was condemned to 600 thousand for a bribe
Professor of MESI was got on a bribe in Kemerovo
The official of Rosobrnadzor was fined for bribe extortion in the Kemerovo region
University teacher appeared before the court accused of taking bribes in the Kemerovo region

Corruption in Russian Universities

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" on June 1, 2013 "Acting Rector of the Moscow university was caught taking bribes"
Voronezh city portal on July 3, 2013 "Two teachers of Voronezh universities arrested for taking bribes"
Daily electronic newspaper on July 3, 2013 "The Dean of Grozny university will pay 30 times penalty for a bribe"
ОSocial and information weekly "Kursk news" on July 3, 2013 "Kursk University Teacher suspected of taking bribes"
Leningrad Chamber of Commerce on July 16, 2013 "Employee of the University of the Interior Ministry in St. Petersburg caught on a bribe"
Komsomolskaya Pravda on 24.07.2013, "Teacher of the Voronezh university is suspected of taking bribes"
Deputy dean "Pleshki" got on a bribe

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